The Warsaw School of Arts is the only school in Poland providing a comprehensive and
professional tuition in the field of characterization for theatre and film and costume and
graphic design.
The Warsaw School of Arts is the first private art school, where painting techniques
have been merged with those used in scenographic and multimedia design in
a practical and modern way. We are well known for creating a unique and
inspirational atmosphere. On the one hand we teach solid, foundation skills and on
the other we evoke imagination and introduce students to the world of colour, form
and texture.
We teach to see and think about reality in a creative way. This fusion of approaches
forms a bedrock of our didactic process and brings exceptional results. The WSA
was registered by Ministry of Science and Higher Education on 25 September 2008
(entry no 352). We are authorised to conduct 3,5 year undergraduate studies (BA)
both full- and part-time.
The Warsaw School of Arts awards Bachelor degree upon completion of a 3,5
–years course in Painting, with the following specializations:
Painting in scenography (including theatre make-up and prosthetics)
Prop and costume (including to costume design)
Multimedia design (including to videographics)
Our curriculum includes: techniques of painting in scenography, make-up and
prosthetics, multimedia graphic design, costume design, painting, drawing, art
history, history of film, English (as a foreign language), philosophy, digital media,
psychophysiology of vision, copyrights, basics of photography, directing space and
colour, sculpture, typography, costume design and scenography, animation and film
editing, 3D graphics.
Studies at the Warsaw School of Arts will provide you with knowledge and artistic
skills required to become a make-up artist, costume designer or a graphic designer
for film and TV. After completing your studies at the WSA you will be awarded a BA
Multimedia design
This program delivers a qualification in the field of graphic design, multimedia, film,
advertising and film-and-television graphics and is aimed at those wishing to pursue
career in advertising agencies, graphic studios, production houses or publishing
houses. Our students gain graphic design skills and learn to use software such as:
Adobe Photoshop (raster graphics), Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics), Adobe
InDesign (computer typesetting), Adobe After Effects (animation), Macromedia Flash
(website design), Final Cut Pro (film editing) and Modo (3D graphics). We provide
a professional computer room equipped with MAC OSX Macintosh machines.
Our program includes, i.a.: multimedia graphics, animation and film editing,
typography, 3D graphics, art history, history of theatre and film, English (as a foreign
language). We also offer workshop classes on drawing, painting, photography,
sculpture, composition, design and scenography.

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